iVo Power Brush XL

Battery Powered Motor Scrubber Cleaning Brush

The iVo Power Brush XL is the big brother of the iVo Power Brush. It is a powerful yet lightweight tool that has a wide variety of cleaning and scrubbing uses.

The XL Power Brush is a compact unit, with the removable and rechargeable battery placed in the handle. The head has an adjustable angle, and the handle twists and extends, making it possible for the iVo Power Brush XL to get into any angle or position for a very versatile cleaning.

Available in a standard kit, the XL comes with a storage bag and a variety of attachments. View the video above to see the huge variety of tasks that can be achieved with this battery powered scrubbing tool.

  • iVo Power Brush XL X1
  • Battery X1
  • Tough Brush, Large X1
  • Tough Brush, Small X1
  • Pad Holder X1 Black Tough Scrubbing Pad X1
  • Blue Medium Scrubbing Pad X1
  • Soft Brush, Large X1
  • Soft Sponge Washing Pad X1
  • Fast Battery Charging Unit X1
  • iVo Storage Bag X1
iVo Power Brush XL Kit - £279.00

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iVo Power Brush XL - iVo Storage Bag
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iVo Power Brush XL - Soft Brush, Large
Soft Brush, Large - £8.90
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iVo Power Brush XL - Black Tough Pad 5pk
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