Imop Comparison With Other Scrubber Dryer Machines

How does cleaning with imop compare with other scrubber dryer machines

Yes – We are the iMop specialists!

Take a look at our comparison chart showing the difference between the iMop and other scrubber dryers.

The Imop

  • Continuous 24hr use – no downtime
  • Can be carried anywhere by the operator – up stairs is no problem
  • Ideal for use in small areas such as toilet cubicles
  • Cleans under objects such as tables and beds
  • 22kg head pressure on a 460mm wide brush area
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Other Scrubber / Dryers

  • Recharging time gives up to eight hours downtime
  • Far too heavy to carry around with one person stuck on one floor
  • Can only be used in large areas, leaving small areas to be manually mopped
  • Can only be used in unobstructed areas – leaving other areas to be manually mopped
  • Many other machines have considerably less head pressure, giving poorer cleaning
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Imop Scrubber Dryer

If you are considering purchasing a scrubber dryer of any variety, then be assured that the imop has significant advantages for you. The imop cleaning machine is guaranteed to outperform almost any other scrubber dryer. Here we outline some of the big benefits. It really is no surprise that the imop scrubber dryer is an incredible success in so many industry areas –arrange your free imop demonstration today to see the real benefits for yourself.

At Cleaning City, our specialisation is the iMop. They are the centre of our expertise and concentration. Consequently, we have supplied iMops to many large and small UK organisations, and have helped so many departments improve their cleaning and improve their budgets.

Many organisations find that the iMop is so cost effective and gives far superior cleaning results compared to their current methods or equipment. It is very likely that you would benefit too.

If you have a question, or want to talk to an expert, then you’re in the right place. If you’re not sure whether the iMop is right for your situation, then give us a call – we can help you find a solution.

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