Imop Comparison With Manual Mopping

How does cleaning with imop compare with the old fashion way?

Yes – We are the i-Mop specialists!

Take a look at our comparison chart showing the difference between the i-Mop and manual mopping.

Manual Mopping

  • Slip hazard with wet floors
  • Spreads dirty water around
  • Uses up very valuable time
  • Continuous laundry costs
  • Staff fatigue demands regular breaks
  • Leaves engrained dirt behind
  • Always costs more – ask for details
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The Imop Way

  • Instantly dry floors
  • Vacuum up the dirty water
  • 4 times as fast
  • Zero mop laundry cost
  • Can be operated continuously
  • Removes 4x as much dirt
  • Saves up to £8000 per year
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Manual Mop or Imop?

The revolutionary imop scrubber dryer has massive advantages when compared to manual mopping. Along with the massive cost savings that are made with the imop, there are serious improvements in floor cleanliness and significant savings on staff time. It’s no wonder the imop cleaning machine is proving such success in so many industry sectors – contact us today to arrange a free imop demonstration.

At Cleaning City, we specialise in i-Mop machines. They are the focus point of our expertise and training. We are i-Mop suppliers to huge numbers of large and small organisations, and have helped so many departments improve their cleaning and make much better use of their budgets.

So many of our clients find that the i-Mop is much more cost effective and gives far superior cleaning compared to their current methods or equipment, and we’d love you to prove the benefits too.

If you have a question, or want to talk to an expert, then you’ve come to the right place. If you’re not sure whether the i-Mop is right for your needs, then give us a call – we can help you find a solution.

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