i-mop ~ Floor Scrubber / Dryer

Performance Features

Deeper Cleaning

Deeper Cleaning…

With an excellent head pressure rating, the i-mop is a serious contender in the scrubber dryer sector. Deeper cleaning is guaranteed.

Make no mistake – it looks light, it is light, but it’s a heavyweight fighter when it comes to cleanliness.

360 Degree Flexibility

360⁰ Flexibility…

The fully flexible titanium joint is what gives the i-mop a massive advantage over every other floor cleaning machine.

The user can operate the i-mop single handed, and in any direction.

Clean Under Objects

Clean Under Objects…

The i-mop is cleverly designed to get the edge of the cleaning head under very low protruding objects.

Easily manouvered under most furniture, from beds to desks and chairs, this feature of the i-mop really helps you cut down on thorough cleaning time.

Constant Cordless Usage

Constant Cordless usage…

With 2 sets of batteries, downtime is non-existent, and the i-mop can be used constantly.

Each set of batteries takes just 1 hour to charge, and will run the i-mop for 1.5 to 2 hours.

Small Storage Footprint

Small Storage Footprint…

Its very compact folding design ensures that the i-mop can be stored in the very smallest of storage cupboards or areas.

Even can easily fit in the boot of most cars for simple transport.