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Easily remove chewing gum from every kind of surface

Chewing Gum Cleaning by GumGun Wheely


The i-Gum is a brilliant and very reliable machine, particularly chosen by organisations who have a need to remove gum outdoors. This machine was designed specifically for the fast removal of Gum outdoors, and it does just that! Depending on the surface you are working on, up to 600 pieces of gum can be removed every hour.

Chewing Gum Removal by GumGun Softy

GumGun Softy

Born of British innovation & gum technology, incorporating renowned Italian steam engineering, the Softy is truly a brilliant and robust solution. For Facilities Managers and their teams, this is a dream come true. Simply, safely and quickly dissolve and vacuum chewing gum from any soft flooring, seating or trim. Click here to go to our dedicated GumGun website.